Curriculum Design

  Generic Core Advanced Practice Core Specialty Core
Structured courses at post-graduate level (60-100%) Illustrative examples:
  • Research
  • Healthcare policy
  • Healthcare system organization
  • Healthcare financing
  • Ethics
  • Professional role development
  • Theoretical function of nursing practice
  • Human diversity and social issues
  • Health promotion and disease prevention
Illustrative examples:
  • Advanced health assessment
  • Advanced physiology, psychology, sociology and pathophysiology
  • Advanced pharmacology
  • Evidence-base practice
  • Clinical teaching and research
  • Team collaboration and communication
Illustrative examples:
According to the clinical core competence defined by the specialty, including but not limited to:
  • Clinical leadership and patient advocacy
  • Advanced case management and patient care
  • Special interventions
Structured courses provided by Specialty Course Providers (0-40%)
Total 1/3 of 500 hours 1/3 of 500 hours 1/3 of 500 hours




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